What happens in October?

Lots of our guests ask what it’s like here in Les Gets during the interseason. Well it’s certainly different in the village once the holidaymakers have gone home. At the end of September pretty much all of the shops in the village close up and all but a few bars and restaurants too (thankfully Bar Bush remains open for October!). So, with not much going on, October is a good time to start preparing for the coming season – odd jobs, stock checks and more interestingly menu prep. We’ll be busy scouring the recipe books for inspiration and deciding which of our previous season’s dishes to keep or replace – more to come on this in our next blog! We’ll also be starting the arduous task of selecting our wines for the season – much tasting needs to be done to ensure we select only the best for our guests :>

It’s not all work work work though – with the weather cold but sunny this week, we’ve done some fantastic walks on the mountain – our favourite being around the ridge of the Les Gets bowl – I think Fidji enjoyed it too!

Jen & Craig



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