Summer in Les Gets……

The summer is now well underway here – with the sun beating down and temperatures in the high 20’s, it’s beginning to feel a lot like a holiday. The lake is open for swimming and the village is buzzing with visitors. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far and what we’ll be doing in our free time over the coming months.

We spent this weekend watching the amazing Crankworkz event with hundreds of brave mountain bikers showing of their tricks on huge jumps at the bottom of the Chavannes – it was a real spectacle to watch and brought a brilliant atmosphere to the village.

Last weekend, the golf course opened for the summer, so Craig has been well occupied brushing up his game before club competitions start. The Les Gets course really is beautiful – 18 holes covering the section of the mountain stretching from the top of the Chavannes to the Morzine/Les Gets plateau (near the Vaffieu restaurant). There’s definitely something unique about playing golf on fairways that you skied just a couple of months ago!

11909570_10208010486757776_1156877308660320411_oNow that the snow has completely melted, some of our favourite mountain walks are also accessible, so Fidji is delighted. One of the best is the hike up the Chavannes, round the Rosta bowl and back down to the village. The walk crosses lots of pistes and passes lots of lift stations that we visit regularly in the winter and it’s really interesting to see them in their summer greenery.

We’ve also been busy around the chalet, planting the flower boxes and testing the BBQ – the terrace is looking lovely and ready for our first guests who’ll arrive next weekend.

With loads of events coming up too, it’s promising to be a great summer Up the Alps – we hope you’ll come and join us!

We need to talk about Tartiflette……..

It’s here – the summer – a chance to relax and unwind after a hectic winter season BUT also time to start planning for the coming season and, for Jen, this means just one thing – FOOD!

Guests often ask how our recipes are inspired and menus created, so over the coming months, we’ll be blogging about what happens behind the scenes to bring you creative, fresh, homemade dinners 6 days a week!

If you’ve stayed with us in recent years, you won’t be surprised to learn that the process tartifletteof agreeing next year’s menu ALWAYS starts with a debate about Tartiflette. For those who haven’t tried it yet, Tartiflette is the local speciality here in Les Gets – everyone seems to have their own recipe (Jen adds one secret ingredient :>) but basically, it’s made with potatoes, onions, lardons, cream and the local cheese Reblochon – typically served with locally sourced charcuterie and a crisp, fresh salad to cut through all that cheese. Really, what’s not to like? This dish was born to be on a chalet menu – traditional Alpine fare with lots of skier friendly carbs! And we can say confidently that our guests LOVE Tartiflette (the veggie mushroom version too) – plates are ALWAYS cleared and seconds always taken. When choosing a dish for a chalet menu, we think it needs to be comforting, delicious and interesting whilst appealing to a wide variety of people – in our experience, Tartiflette certainly ticks all of these boxes.

So why the annual debate? Well sadly, it turns out that whilst Tartiflette is an amazingly delicious and indulgent treat to enjoy on your skiing holiday once a year, the same cannot be said when you’re cooking it every week! They say familiarity breeds contempt – it turns out so does the Reblochonweekly pungent aroma of melting Reblochon. The fact is that both of us have developed a massive aversion to both the smell and taste of Tartiflette – a VERY inconvenient truth when you live in a village where every restaurant oozes melted fromage and every shop is bursting with ‘I love Tartiflette’ products! To boot, it also clings to a casserole dish like a snowboarder to a button lift and beats the dishwasher EVERY time!

So – every year, the menu conversation begins with one simple question – ‘Can we take Tartiflette off the menu?’ (I can actually hear the collective gasp of repeat guests as I type :>).

tflIn year 2, we removed Tartiflette from the menu – I couldn’t tell you what we replaced it with because it lasted all of 2 weeks. It turns out that when a repeat guest asks ‘so when is tartiflette night?’ the correct answer is basically any day of the week. The WRONG answer is ‘we actually took it off the menu’ and can only end in a mad dash to the village to buy an emergency wheel of Reblochon, whilst furiously peeling a couple of kilos of spuds.

It turns out our repeat guests don’t just like Tartiflette – they are passionate about it! They look forward to it and it goes hand in hand with a brilliant ski holiday – their trip just wouldn’t be the same without it. And that is why, no matter how many times we debate ‘the Tartiflette question’ and no matter how big the personal sacrifice is :>, we can assure all of our guests, past, present and future, that Tartiflette will always be on the menu at Chalet Virolet!

If you’d like to know more about Tartiflette or would like to try Jen’s version at Chalet Virolet, just contact us