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Jen here – I’m the chef at Chalet Virolet – here’s a little bit of info about how I cook – don’t hestitate to contact me if you’d like to find out more or chat through any specific dietary requirements you may have.

The food I cook here at Chalet Virolet is fresh, locally sourced and carefully homemade. From perfect poached eggs to gooey chocolate fudge cake, you can expect your food to be tasty, comforting and served with care.

In the winter, ‘kids tea’ will be served at 18:00 and is a simple 2 courses, allowing your little ones to eat, then relax whilst you enjoy ‘adults dinner’ at 19:30 – 3 sumptuous courses served with a selection of carefully chosen bottled wines.

I can cater for most food allergies (nut allergy / gluten intolerance etc) and vegetarian food is no problem at all. If you do have any dietary issues, please discuss these with me at the point of booking so I can be sure that I can meet your requirements.

Here are some sample menus, to give you a flavour of what we do here at Chalet Virolet:

Adult Dinner Menu 1

Tuna & chive fishcakes
with spring onion mayonnaise

Traditional Savoyard tartiflette
served with local charcuterie and salad

Trio of chocolate desserts
White choc strawberry, dark choc brownie & mars bar mousse

Adult Dinner Menu 2

Savoyard ham, vine tomato & mozzarella salad
with homemade garlic bread

Roast chicken with a stuffing crumb
served on a butternut squash puree, with roast new potatoes, fennel & seasonal veggies

Raspberry tart
with vanilla crème fraiche

Vegetarian Dinner Menu

Spring onion and sweetcorn fritters
served with sweet chilli dipping sauce

Baked cherry tomato and feta crumble
with fresh seasonal veg and buttered new potatoes

Toffee poached apple
served with Crème Anglaise and a pecan puff

‘Kids Tea’ menu

Fresh, homemade pizzas – any topping!
served with cucumber and carrot crudites

Warm waffles with Chantilly & chocolate sauce

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