T’s & C’s – EN

Updated 05.02.22

Your booking is made between ‘Up the Alps’ and ‘You’ the holiday organiser and is governed by these booking and payment conditions.

1.Arrivals & Departures

  • Our properties are available from 4.00pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure.
  • The number of people using each property is strictly limited to those named on the booking form and up to the maximum number stated.
  • You are required to notify us of your approximate arrival time.
  • If you are driving, we have non-secured off road parking at all our properties.


By ‘payment’ we are referring to payments made direct to ‘Up The Alps’ via bank transfer as set out in the invoice we issue to you. These terms are not applicable to bookings or payments made via Airbnb, Vrbo or Booking.com whose payment and cancellation terms are explained and defined on their individual websites.

  • A deposit payment of 20% of the total holiday cost is payable to confirm the booking.
  • Full payment of the outstanding balance is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival. ‘Up the Alps’ will specify this date on your invoice.
  • If payment in full is not received by the due date then we at our sole discretion reserve the right to cancel your booking.
  • For self-catered stays, on arrival, we will request your debit or credit card details when you check in. In the unlikely event that there are damages to the property during your stay, or if exceptional cleaning/waste disposal is required after your stay, we reserve the right to charge your card to a maximum of 500 euros to cover these costs.


Should you need to cancel your booking for any reason, the following cancellation charges apply:

  • Cancellation up to 8 weeks before your arrival – charge is 20% of the total holiday cost.
  • Less than 8 weeks – 100% of total holiday cost.

Please note that the above policy applies even if the cause of the cancellation is related to COVID-19. There is no special COVID cancellation policy and you should ensure you have travel insurance that covers you fully for COVID-19 related issues including, but not limited to, border closures, quarantine requirements, testing requirements, vaccine requirements, travel bans, resort closures and illness.


We strongly recommend that you take out full Winter and/or Summer Holiday Travel Insurance. You are responsible for your own personal possessions, including ski equipment, bikes and vehicles and should ensure your insurance will cover you in the event of loss/theft/damage etc.

Your booking is made on the assumption that each member of your party will have arranged such insurance including cover for COVID-19 should you contract it prior to or during your holiday with us and to cover you should you be unable to travel / have to curtail your stay due to any COVID-19 related issue.

5.Our Liability

  • We promise to make sure that all parts of the holiday we have agreed to arrange, perform or provide as part of our contract with you are performed or provided with reasonable care and skill.
  • We shall not be liable for any loss, delay or costs incurred arising from circumstances outside our control (including but not limited to public health issues, the weather, traffic and snow conditions).
  • Children under the age of 18 are accepted on the condition that they remain the responsibility of their parents, or in their absence, the party leader. This includes but is not limited to the use of all chalet facilities with specific mention to the use of the Jacuzzi, Steam Room and any electrical items.
  • Our maximum liability to any client shall be the amount received by us from the client for the cost of their accommodation with us.


All descriptions on our website (www.upthealps.co.uk) or in any written or oral communication from us are given in good faith and in the belief that they are true. Should any significant details change before your holiday we will do our best to inform you.

7.Health and Safety

If, for health & safety reasons, we are required to adapt our services or facilities (including but not limited to, where relevant, access to Spa’s, Jacuzzi’s and Hammam’s) we will do our best to inform you before your holiday. No refunds will be made. This applies whether restrictions are government mandated or imposed by us for the wellbeing and safety of all of our guests.


In the unlikely event of a problem occurring during the holiday, please raise this immediately with a member of our staff or us directly so that it may be resolved in reasonable time whilst you are on your holiday with us.


We reserve the right to refuse accommodation or end your occupancy earlier than your departure date if you or your group’s conduct is adversely impacting our other guests, our staff or neighbouring properties or in our view is in any way inappropriate. We will incur no liability or accept any responsibility for any extra costs incurred by such persons as a result of their exclusion from our premises.